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Trampoline Removal Service in Houston

We remove trampolines in Houston. Our trampoline removal service is available throughout the Greater Houston area and surrounding communities including, but not limited to: Harris County, Galveston County, League City, Clear Lake, Friendswood, Pearland, and surrounding areas.

Trampolines are fun when they are new and working properly. However, the fun quickly comes to an end when they break down or are no longer used. You may be asking yourself “What do you do with your broken or old trampoline once it becomes a backyard eyesore?” or perhaps, “How do I even get rid of a trampoline in Houston?” Fortunately, our junk removal team at Houston Junk Movers are experts at trampoline removal.

Why Do People Choose To Get Rid Of Their Trampoline?

  • The trampoline is in poor condition and is not safe to use
  • The trampoline is no longer being used (usually, when the kids grow older)
  • You want to reclaim space back in your yard (perhaps for a pool or a garden)
  • The property owner no longer wants the liability of having a trampoline
  • The previous homeowner installed a trampoline that you don’t want to keep

No matter what the reason is that you want to get rid of your old trampoline, we are here to help you get it done!

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We’ll Help You Get Rid Of Your Trampoline in Houston

Our goal is to provide unmatched customer service by paying close attention to every detail. We want to be an affordable solution for removing trampolines that no longer serve their purpose. Once you reach out to us, we will set up an appointment for your trampoline removal. In many instances, same or next-day services are available for trampoline removal. Before we begin the removal process, we will provide an estimate to ensure the price is within your budget.

We cannot provide a price over the phone, because every job is different, and we charge accordingly. We have seen many different situations throughout the years ranging from completely unassembled units to abandoned units that had been literally rotting away for years. However, the typical “out-the-door” price for trampoline removal is typically between $150-$350

broken and collapsed trampoline that is dangerous

Our Trampoline Removal Process

We remove trampolines of all shapes and sizes! We get rid of trampolines in many different ways since every trampoline setup is a bit different. It is possible for homeowners to disassemble their trampoline themselves, but it can be very time-consuming (yes, trampolines can be dangerous), so sometimes hiring a professional really makes sense. We also have the trucks that have the space to haul it away.

The first thing that must happen before we take out an old trampoline is inspecting the site to determine just how much work has to be done and if there are any hazards or obstructions in the area. If there are broken springs or wires protruding from the frame, then we will quickly remove all springs. Next, we will remove the trampoline fabric and netting. Next, we will cut up the trampoline frame. After the trampoline has been completely demolished, we will load it up into our dump truck. Before we leave, we will ensure that the job site is free of all trampoline debris. Now, we will take the trampoline to the appropriate landfill or recycling center for you.

After we have removed the trampoline from your property, you can either replace it with a new one or simply leave the area open. Once the trampoline has been removed you will have much more space for enjoyable activities such as playing backyard games, installing a pool, gardening, or simply more green space. You may even, perhaps want to get a new trampoline.

Get Started With Your Trampoline Removal Today

If you are ready to get rid of that old worn-out trampoline, then give us a call today at (713) 597-8508 to set up an appointment.

We do offer same-day (or next-day) service and our rates are very competitive in the Houston area. We can also help you with any of your other residential junk removal needs at the same time.