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Fence removal can be very difficult, if not impossible, without the right equipment and expertise. Therefore, you should trust your fence removal service needs to Houston Junk Movers. Fence removals should only be done by those with the right know-how, experience, and tools such as the demolition and fence removal experts at Houston Junk Movers

The fence experts here at Houston Junk Movers offer free fence removal estimates for all types of fences including chain link, wrought iron, wood, pool fences, etc. Our company also offers a junk removal service and can help you get rid of any other unwanted items or debris in your yard. For more information, please reach out to us.

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Why Fences Need to Be Removed

Fences often last for many years, but the day will eventually come when a fence is simply beyond repair. Fence removal in Houston must be done when complete fence replacement is necessary, or fence repair is not possible. Fence removal should also typically take place if you just want to get rid of your fence for any other reason such as moving, selling the property or other aesthetic issues.

The most common type of fence that we remove is wood privacy fences. The hot, humid, and sunny Houston climate is especially rough on wood. Over the years, the natural elements weaken the wood to the point where the fence literally is falling apart.

All fence types have their own benefits and challenges that call for different fence removal techniques. If you are unsure which technique will work best for your specific fence, make sure to ask a fence removal expert at Houston Junk Movers about it.

How We Remove Fences

There are many methods for fence removal, but some methods are better than others. Depending on your reasons for removing the fence in the first place,  and what type of fence material is present, dictates the removal method that will be used. For example, wood fences can oftentimes be pried and cut apart, while metal fences require special saws, and in some cases torches, to be removed.  Fence removal is a difficult process that requires time and effort.

Why We Remove Fences

Houston Junk Movers fence removal services have helped many fence owners get rid of an old fence that they may not have wanted any more. If you are looking to replace your fence with a new one, or just want to get rid of it together, fence removal is the way to go before attempting fence replacement.

After Removal Houston Junk Movers Houston fence removal services will leave you free from worry about a fence on your property! Just let us know which area we should take care of next, as we are always ready to remove more fences!

How much does a fence weigh?

On average, a fence weighs around 4,000 pounds. The fence’s size and thickness factor into the fence’s weight as well. A wood fence that is 6 feet in height by 75 feet in length would weigh about 3,360 pounds if it was made out of standard wood, such as cedar. Also, don’t forget that each fence post likely has at least 60lbs of concrete on it deep in the ground!

What types of fences do Houston Junk Movers remove?

  • chain link fence removal
  • privacy fence removal
  • wooden fence removal

All fences are removed by Houston Junk Movers fence removal services using safe and efficient methods to get the job done right! We have years of experience in performing this type of service for customers throughout Houston.

How We Remove Fence Posts

Removing the fence post from the ground is often the most difficult part of the fence removal process.  This is where we really shine. We dig deep into the ground using a fence post remover that increases our ability to reach deeper under the fence line.

In order for fence removal to be successful, all fence posts must be removed from the ground without damage or broken in half. This takes special tools and years of experience!

Leading Fence Removal Companies in Houston

During our years of service to our customers with both fence removal and junk removal services, we have become rated amongst the top fence removal companies in Houston! We want to ensure that every customer finds our services to be easy, efficient, and fair. We look forward to hearing from you! Reach out to Houston Junk Movers today at (713) 597-8508 to get started on your fence removal project with a free estimate. We are often able to begin service as soon as the next day for fence removals.