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Hot Tub Removal Service in Houston

While hot tubs are fun and relaxing and improve property value, they are also a lot of work. What happens when it breaks down, or you’re simply sick of caring for it? If you no longer need your jacuzzi or would like someone to haul a broken-down spa away, trust the team at Houston Junk Movers. The experienced team serves the greater Greater Houston, Texas, area and specializes in hot tub removal. Call the office today or reach out with our online form for a free consultation.

Call Us 713-597-8508

Hot tub removal is becoming a common request

The Greater Houston area is known for its perfect weather and its relaxing vibe. So it’s no wonder why so many homes and hotels have jacuzzis on the property. And in recent years, spa sales are continuing to increase.

Hot tubs can either be installed indoors or outdoors, and each choice offers its own benefits. If you’re looking to relax, an outdoor spa makes a great choice. If the primary use is for physical therapy, an indoor jacuzzi might be a better solution.

But did you know that the average lifespan of a hot tub is only 10 years? When it dies, you’ll need it removed before installing a new one. Instead of trying to remove it on your own, turn to the team at Houston Junk Movers.

Can’t I remove my hot tub on my own?

A common mistake that people make is to look at their empty jacuzzi and think that they’ll be able to move it on their own. But with spas, looks are often deceiving. Even a small hot tub can easily weigh 1000 pounds.

And once you start to break it down, you’ll realize how labor-intensive the process truly is. Even if you do manage to tear it down to movable-sized pieces, you’ll have to figure out a way to haul it away.

Where should you take it? You might think that the dump is a logical option. But with recently enacted environmental laws, most dump sites won’t allow it.

So it goes without saying that hot tub demolition and hauling isn’t the DIY sort of job.

When Houston Junk Movers arrives to remove your hot tub, first we cut it into manageable pieces. The base and connections must also be disabled.

To expedite the process, Houston Junk Movers recommends draining the hot tub and turning off the water servicing it before the team arrives.

Can’t I recycle my hot tub?

We all care about the environment and try to recycle whenever we can. But the problem with hot tubs is that you can’t just load it up in the back of your truck and take it to the recycling center and hand it off.

But when you choose hut tub removal with Houston Junk Movers, we break down your jacuzzi so we can dispose of it correctly, including recycling the correct parts.

We dispose of hot tubs responsibility

Jacuzzis and spas have plenty of parts that need special attention during the disposal process. Because some parts and chemicals can have environmental impacts, this isn’t the type of thing you can leave on the curb for traditional garbage removal.

When we remove your hot tub, our team ensures that it ends up at the correct place. Certain pieces will be recycled, and others are disposed of safely to avoid contaminating the community and environment.

We take pride in being an eco-friendly company and utilizing green practices whenever we can. If we can keep an appliance from going to the landfill, we do so. In the case of hot tubs, we break them down to recover the reusable parts. We then determine what can be recycled. That practice keeps the least amount of garbage in our landfills and disposal facilities in Houston.

Are hot tubs, jacuzzis, and spas the same? Do you haul them all?

There are slight differences between hot tubs, jacuzzis, and spas, but essentially, the terms are interchangeable.

Specifically, a spa refers to any heated water tub and is usually produced from acrylic materials. Hot tubs are usually made of wood. A jacuzzi is actually a brand name, but in popular culture, it has come to reference any type of hot tub with jet action.

No matter what you call it, our team can haul it. We can even remove your backyard wood deck or take care of any other residential junk removal needs while we are there.

Seeking hot tub removal near me?

When it comes to dismantling hot tubs, spas, or jacuzzis, you need a team that is quick, efficient, and maintains a clean workspace. Look no further than Houston Junk Movers. No matter the state of your hot tub, the team can remove and haul it. Contact us today to enquire or get a complimentary quote using this website.