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Construction Site Clean Up Service in Houston

Construction site clean up service
We cleaned up this construction site with a full dumpster full of junk.

Construction sites are messy places. The sheer amount of tools, equipment, dirt, materials, vehicles, and more are bound to clutter any building site. These sites can be dangerous as well. Sharp nails and fasteners, twisted pieces of metal, and more pose a threat to people and animals. You know not to leave a construction site a mess, but the cleaning process can be a daunting task. Instead of going it alone, team with Houston Junk Movers. The expert staff can help you clean your construction site quickly, making the space safe for everyone. Call the team located in Houston, Texas, today, or book your free consultation and estimate online.

Call Us 713-597-8508

What is construction site cleanup?

By nature, construction sites are messy places. And with the amount of building going on in the Greater Houston area, construction sites are everywhere.

Not only are cluttered construction sites dangerous for the workers, but they also pose a risk to the public and animals.

Construction site cleanup with Houston Junk Movers prioritizes safety and limits workplace accidents. It also makes your team more efficient. When a construction site is organized, it is easier to find equipment and manage your time.

Construction site cleanup takes a mess and organizes it in efficient ways. Best of all, it is a timesaver. Instead of having to use your crew clean up, you can keep them working on projects that best reflect their skill sets. Leaving the cleanup to us optimizes your time. And everyone knows that in the construction world, time is money.

Outsourcing the cleanup job to Houston Junk Movers can actually increase your bottom line. Since our team is trained in this job, we are quicker and more detail-oriented than your staff. That can decrease the cleanup time by half or more.

What is the construction site clean up process?

Since every construction site is unique, the cleanup process begins with a walk-through followed by a free estimate. We will also discuss how long the project will take.

We understand that construction projects are often under strict deadlines. Once the cleanup begins, our team is trained to perform our services with minimal disruption. Our team is trained and professional, so you’ll know you’ll have a good experience working with us.

If it makes it easier, we can handle the cleanup process during the evenings while your construction team is at home. That way, when they arrive at the worksite every morning, the construction site is clean and organized.

What construction site cleanup services do you provide?

Because every construction site is different, our construction site cleanup services are expansive and varied. Common services include:

  • Waste and scrap removal
  • Removal of debris, including drywall, sawdust, concrete, wood, and brick
  • Removing debris from construction projects
  • Light duty interior demolition

In short, our construction site cleanup services are tailored to your needs.

No matter the size of the project and construction site, our team can handle it.

Do you also offer remodeling and demo cleanup services?

Absolutely! Houston Junk Movers thinks of remodeling and demo sites and miniature construction sites. These projects may be smaller in scale, but the work is similar. Thus, the cleanup needs to mirror that of larger construction sites.

If you need assistance with cleanup after a remodeling or demo project, we provide quick and efficient services.

What types of construction sites do you service?

Houston Junk Movers has teamed with all types of construction sites, including:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Government
  • Stadiums
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Railway and transportation
  • Airport

That is only a small sample. Simply put, if you have a construction site, we can clean it.

What are your safety protocols when entering a construction site?

Safety is a huge concern on construction sites, and the team at Houston Junk Movers is specifically trained for the dangers they may face. Nothing is done without the approval of the construction site manager to ensure that everyone stays safe.

On-site, our team wears:

  • Hardhats
  • Heavy-duty gloves
  • Masks and respirators (if necessary)
  • Or anything else required by the construction manager or law

Safety is our first priority, and we take pride in keeping your construction site as safe as possible.

At Houston Junk Movers, construction site cleanup is one of the team’s specialties. We help construction companies and developers all over Houston with their junk removal and cleanup needs. Leave the cleanup duties to us so you can get on with the building projects. Contact us for more information or schedule your free consultation and estimate online today.