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Removal of decking and deck structures is frequently requested service in the Houston area. This is because decks require regular maintenance, which in many cases can be time-consuming on top. Additionally, the hot and humid climate in Houston takes a toll on wood structures. Further, termites can be an issue in Houston that causes irreparably damage to wood decks. Other times, the deck is simply no longer wanted by the homeowner. If you’re in need of deck removal services, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re One of The Leading Deck Removal Companies in Houston

No matter the reason you may be looking to get rid of your deck in Houston, we stand ready to help. Our deck removal service is true “full-service”—we handle everything from deck deconstruction, deck demolition, and waste material hauling, and decking disposal.

Over the years, our dedication to customer service has allowed us to be rated among the top junk removal companies that offer deck removal services.

Call Us 713-597-8508

Houston Wood Deck Removal Experts

In addition to our other junk removal services, we frequently complete deck removals. Our

Extensive experience with deck removal and, in general, demolition and junk removal help us

get the job done right the first time. Most importantly, we know how to get the job done safely

and efficiently.

It doesn’t matter if your deck is located on the ground level, or off of the second

story of a home, we know how to get it done. Simply reach out to us today to get started with

your deck removal. We are happy to offer a free in-person consultation. In many instances, we

are able to complete service either the same or the next day.

Reasons a Deck Needs to Be Removed

There are many reasons why a wood deck may need to be removed. Some of the top reasons that lead people to consider getting rid of their deck include:

  • Rotting and/or aged lumber has caused the deck to become structurally unsound
  • Termites have structurally damaged the deck beyond repair
  • The deck is taking up too much yard space
  • The homeowner wishes to build a larger deck in its place.
  • The deck was used as a pool patio for a pool that is no longer wanted (we can remove above-ground pools, also!)
  • The new homeowner does not wish to keep the deck

No matter the reason you may wish to get rid of your deck, we are here to help you with your deck removal needs. We can help you get started with a free in-person estimate and can oftentimes provide service as soon as the same or the next day when desired.

Why Consider Deck Removal

If you are considering deck removal, it’s most likely because the deck is no longer useful or is unsafe. However, there are other reasons why a deck may need to be removed. Some of those reasons include, but are not limited to, fire damage, improper deck construction, increase useable yard square footage (for things such as planting flowers or vegetables), or allowing space to build a new deck or patio.

How To Remove a Wood Deck

Though it may not seem very difficult, removing a wood deck does require some planning and equipment, especially if the deck is not located on the ground level. The first step in removing a wood deck involves thoroughly inspecting the area for any hazards that may be present.  After you have thoroughly inspected the deck, you will want to remove any items that were placed on or underneath the deck (we can dispose of these items, if needed). Next, we will deconstruct and complete the demolition phase. We will also pull or cut down the vertical posts. Next, we will load the deck up.

Before we leave, we will clean up the worksite and leave it tidy. Finally, we will haul the waste materials to the proper landfill or recycling site for proper disposal.

Tools Used to Remove the Deck Rails and Posts

If your deck is made out of wood, then we will need to use a deck removal tool known as a demolition bar to help pull up the deck planking. We may also make use of a crowbar to remove nails and smaller trim pieces. If your deck was built with metal railings, then we will use wrenches or a metal-rated demolition blade. This will prevent damage from being done either way.

We will use a reciprocating saw to cut the horizontal joists and supports. Finally, we will use a hydraulic post puller to removal the deck posts (if they are mounted in the soil.

Removal of decking oftentimes requires specialized equipment that does not damage concrete, or any other material used to build the deck. In any case, we have the right tools and expertise to get the job done correctly.

Disposal Of Wood Deck Materials

After removing all of the pieces of the deck, they must be loaded into a dump truck for disposal. Because wood decks often contain pressure-treated, painted, or stained lumber, they cannot be disposed of with “green wastes“. In most cases, decks must be taken to a landfill that accepts construction materials. At Houston Junk Movers, we take care of all aspects of the deck demolition process, all the way up to disposal. Our trucks and dumpsters are well equipped to haul your deck away.

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If you are in the greater Houston, Texas area and are in need of wood deck removal, reach out to us to schedule your service. You can reach our team by calling (713) 597-8508 or completing the contact form on our site. We look forward to working with you!