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Residential Junk Removal Service in Houston

House estate cleanout in Houston
We cleaned out this House in Houston. Lots of unwanted furniture.

Houston Junk Movers offers professional junk removal in Houston. From mattresses to garage cleanouts, or trash removal, we handle jobs of all shapes and sizes. You can expect friendly service when you choose Houston Junk Movers. It is our goal to make life easier for our customers with dependable, fast junk hauling services. We do the work for you.

Junk Removal

Residential junk removal is a service to have nearly any kind of trash removed from a residence. We haul large items, such as appliances and furniture, and pick up all types of trash except hazardous waste. Customers make an appointment, and our crew shows up at the designated time in our trucks with the equipment needed for the job. Soon our customers are free from junk.

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Residential Junk Removal

The Houston Junk Movers, junk removal services, offer a simple solution for removing clutter and unwanted junk Residential Junk Removalfrom the premises. We aid tenants and homeowners find a simple solution to clear out the trash.

Our team shows up on time and quickly finishes the job. Because we complete the job quickly and neatly, our customers are glad they chose us. We recycle as much as possible, making those looking for a green option for junk removal happy.

Houston Junk Movers also sends usable items to donation centers and local non-profits to reduce waste and help the Houston community. One person’s unwanted electronics or furniture may be a treasure to someone else.

Residential Junk Removal Services

Our services cover nearly everything and anything. We remove bulky and large items. Cleanouts for converting rooms, spring cleaning, and moving are part of what we do. Real estate agents, landlords, and people who inherit homes full of unwanted belongings hire us for property cleanouts. We do trash removal for cleaning projects, construction projects, and yard waste. Here is a detailed list of the services we perform and how we handle the types of junk we remove.

Our Approach

Our emphasis is on friendly customer service and jobs well-done. We have an environmentally-friendly mission to ensure junk is donated or recycled as much as possible. Customers can expect a smooth process, low rates, and high-quality service.

How Our Service Sets Us Apart from the Competition

Houston Junk Movers is highly rated by our customers due to our professional and friendly service. We offer old-fashioned customer service that tends to every customer to ensure they receive a pleasant experience and top-quality results.

The Process

As soon as a customer contacts us, the process begins. We provide a fair estimate with no hidden fees. We call our clients approximately 15 to 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment to let them know we are on our way. The customer shows us the junk to be removed when we arrive, and we get to work.

Our professional, trained staff is ready for the job. As we carry trash to our trucks, we operate with courtesy and respect for the customers’ belongings and property. From beginning to end, our customers feel comfortable with our process and are relieved to have professionals handling the job.

Hot Tub Removal Services

Hot tub removal service in progress in Houston

When you are ready for removal of a hot tub, call us for a free estimate. Spa removal is not as simple as taking out trash. Hot tubs are nearly impossible for someone to move on their own. Usually, they are not accepted at recycling centers or local landfills. Ways to get rid of a hot tub include

  • A dealer trade-in
  • Selling at a yard sale or online
  • Hiring Houston Junk Movers to remove it

Houston Junk Movers does the heavy lifting from where it is located. We help disassemble it. It is a priority to recycle and properly dispose of the hot tub. There is no concern about taking up landfill space.

How to Move a Hot Tub

Hot tub being lifted into dump truck in Houston
Two team members lifting a broken hot tub

To prepare a hot tub for removal, these things need to be done ahead of time.

  • Disconnect the spa from the power source.
  • Drain water from the tub.
  • Disassemble parts like plumbing, power, heaters, and pumps.
  • Pack the accessories separately.
  • Make a path wide enough for the tub to fit through.

After completion of these steps, our team turns the tub on its side. We use dollies to load it into our trucks. It is more than a one-person job. We are happy to take on the task for you. When calling for an estimate, the price is based on the size of the hot tub, how difficult it is to move, and how much space it takes up in the truck. The best estimate is provided in person.

Shed Removal Services

This old wooden shed in Houston was in need of our shed demolition and shed removal service

Over time, sheds tend to become cluttered and messy. What started as storage for a few garden and lawn tools lead to a shed overcrowded with junk. If you have a shed filled with junk or want a shed removed altogether, Houston Junk Movers can help. Our goal is to make the shed removing or demolishing simple. Whether it is lawnmowers, old tools, or the shed, we will get rid of it for you.

Need for a Permit

Any time a building is under construction, in the process of being altered or demolished, a permit is required. There are some places where a permit is not necessary for the removal of a shed. We will check with the city Building Department for regulations in your area.

The Size of the Shed

Sheds come in various sizes. As they become larger in size, so does the amount of effort required to take them down. We remove small and medium-sized sheds. Our team performs a no-obligation on-site estimation, so our customers know upon what the estimate is based.


Shed removal costs somewhere between $200 and $2000. Three factors influence the price. They are the location, condition, and how the structure was built and anchored. The price fluctuates base on the location.

Sheds that are difficult to reach or cause difficulties tearing down are more costly to remove. The condition greatly influences the cost of removal. A new shed is harder to demolish than an old shed that has been rotting away.

Eviction Cleanout Service

When tenants fail to pay the mortgage or rent, they are served with an eviction notice. Often, they leave a property in a mess for REO agents, property managers, real estate agents, landlords, or property owners.

Houston Junk Movers services are ideal for any property owner who needs a reliable and safe way to remove leftover waste and trash quickly from business locations, condos, apartments, private homes, and even industrial warehouses and properties.

Our loaders know the area’s disposal regulations and manage all recycling and disposal logistics. Outsourcing eviction cleanouts is a practical and cost-effective way to clear out a property and get it move-in ready. Our knowledgeable and friendly team helps when it is needed most.

What Eviction Cleanout Services Do for You

  1. Our cleanout specialists team works quickly to remove waste, junk, and clutter left behind by evicted tenants.
  2. Our proprietary technology helps our clients track, manage, and maintain eviction cleanout records. The portal enables them to keep service records organized and available to present in court as part of an eviction hearing. Financial records are easily managed to expedite the collection process.
  3. Our eviction cleanout specialists will simultaneously assist contractors that renovate a property, which reduces the time needed to prepare it for relisting. After our crew finishes hauling the leftover items, they will take care of the removal and disposal of generated waste due to the renovation.
  4. We strive to provide our customers with environmentally-friendly and sustainable disposal solutions to reduce landfill waste. Some of the bulky items are diverted to charities and non-profits.

House/Estate Clean Out Service

It can be tough to clear out the home of a loved one. During such a sensitive and challenging time, Houston Junk Movers will be respectful, patient, and punctual to ease the process. Our professionals handle house cleanout needs and provide the utmost customer care.

Estate Clean Out Preparation

Here are some tips for managing the stressful task.

  • Locate and file all financial documents.
  • Search every container, drawer, pocket, nook, and cranny to be thorough and save time when the process of removal begins.
  • Hold on to memorabilia such as trinkets, scrapbooks, and pictures as keepsakes. We are not suggesting moving junk to your home, but pictures are worth more than any words.
  • Work with family members to share items. Figuring out who ends up with items that are kept can be emotional. Begin by having family members write down things they would like to have and compromise from there.
  • Hire an appraiser. It pays to have an estate appraiser help price antiques items that may be of value.
  • Donate or sell remaining items.
  • Hire Houston Junk Movers to remove all the unwanted.

When scheduling an appointment with us, our team will call 15 to 30 minutes before the appointment time to let you know they are on the way. Upon arrival, they will provide an up-front price for the property cleanout. We remove the designated items and do not touch any items that we are not removing. The area is swept when we are finished. Payment is not collected until the job is complete.

Garbage Removal Service

We can remove junk and garbage regardless of it is in a bad

Houston Junk Movers provides garbage collection and recycling services to residential and commercial customers in the Houston area. There are garbage items municipal garbage services will not pick up.

They include construction materials, appliances, furniture, and electronics. Garbage items that are relatively large and heavy may not be picked up either. Even if the garbage service does pick up heavy things, they still have to be hauled out of the house and onto the curb.

If you have too much trash to put on the curb, there is no need to locate and drive back and forth to a landfill. Houston Junk Movers is an on-demand pickup solution. Garbage removal is not always straightforward.

It is best not to place some things in landfills. Not everything is recyclable or reusable. Some trash is earth-friendly and is biodegradable. Our knowledge of what’s what is the reason to hire our affordable, professional, and reliable firm to remove garbage for you.

Hoarder Cleanout Service

Houston Junk Movers is a professional cleaning company that handles hoarding. Our staff knows how to treat and relate to a hoarder. Hoarding is a serious issue. Dealing with the individual and learning why hoarding began is of importance to solving the problem. Our team knows how to work with the hoarder for the cleanup situation. Hoarding cleanup includes:

  • Having a case manager to ‘hold the hand’ of the hoarder throughout the process. Trained assistants and case managers are caring and compassionate.
  • No judgment is made of the situation or hoarder.
  • Blank vehicles are used so that what is being done is not advertised.
  • No conversation takes place with anyone but the hoarder or a designated representative.
  • Sorting and organizational services are provided.
  • Trucks and dumpsters are available to haul unwanted items.

We put a plan in place before we start. Our company provides an estimate without a strong sales pitch or any obligation.

Storage Unit Cleanout Service (For Customers)

Houston Junk Movers helps with storage unit cleanouts. Our services are hassle-free and affordable. We do all the work involved in heavy lifting, hauling away, and responsibly disposing of old storage items.

Our team removes all bulk items that need to be hauled away. By hiring us, you can clear out the unit at your convenience. Having a storage unit cleaned out could not get any easier. If you have large items in a storage unit you no longer want or cannot haul them on your own, Houston Junk Movers can help.

We remove the junk for you on-demand. All our crew is background checked junk hauling pros. Our efficient process keeps costs low. Any bulky items left in the unit are donated, recycled, or disposed of in an eco-safe manner.

There are three easy steps.

  1. Contact us for a price.
  2. Schedule the pickup date.
  3. We haul the contents of the unit away.

Electronics Removal and Disposal

Hiding old computer monitors among weekly trash may seem like an easy option. It is not environmentally responsible disposal. Old electronics are made of aluminum, copper, and plastic that can be recycled.

Recycling conserves natural resources and energy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Electronics also contain heavy metals, such as mercury, chromium, and lead that can leach into waterways and soil that contaminate the environment.

Besides being bad for the environment, improper disposal of old electronics can jeopardize financial security and privacy. Garbage cans and dumpsters often contain valuable personal information that identity thieves target.

Even password-protected devices and computers can have security settings bypassed by criminals. They gain access to passwords, bank accounts, and other private information. Let Houston Junk Movers properly dispose of old electronics and keep your confidential information safe. Some items in the electronics category include:

  • Blu-ray and DVD players, CD players, and cassette players
  • Camcorders and cameras
  • Computer monitors and peripherals
  • Copiers, printers, and fax machines
  • Desktop computers
  • GPS units
  • Home security systems
  • Laptops
  • Mobile devices
  • Sound systems and stereos
  • Video game consoles

Appliance Removal and Disposal

Like other electronic devices, home appliances tend to become obsolete, damaged, and old. There comes a time when it is necessary to have non-functional and bulky appliances hauled away. Most trash companies do not pick up appliances.

Appliance removal services come in handy when there is a need to uninstall and remove a refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, or similar item from your home. Rather than detaching and hauling machines away on your own, let Houston Junk Movers remove, pickup, and dispose of the items for you.

Detaching some appliances from the initially installed position may require lots of legwork. We will remove any of these appliances for you.

  • Air conditioners
  • Dishwashers
  • Dryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing machines
  • Water heaters

Houston Junk Movers provides environmentally-friendly, safe, and efficient appliance removal. We make sure old appliances are correctly disposed of. Appliances that still function are given to charities. Those that no longer work go to a recycling facility.

Bike Removal and Disposal

If the frame of a bicycle is bent or the chain Is rusted, it may be time to get rid of it. How do you get rid of it? Bikes are made of cables, metal, and rubber that can be repurposed or fixed if broken instead of leaving old personal transportation devices, tricycles, and bicycles in a landfill. Give some thought to recycling or fixing yours. Doing so gives the material a new purpose and keeps having precious space in landfills from being taken.

Let Houston Junk Movers

You can feel good about the decision to hire us for bicycle removal. We come to your home, load the bicycle into our truck, and make sure the bicycle disposal process is handled correctly. There are several disposal options of old bikes.

Those that can be repaired or are in good condition can be donated to an acquaintance who needs a bicycle, thrift store, or a charity. Broken bicycles may be able to be used for parts. Bikes that cannot be repaired can be recycled at a specialty recycling facility.

Carpets Removal and Disposal

Are you looking for a carpet removal service in the Tamp area? Are you remodeling your home and need help removing old wall-to-wall carpet? Houston Junk Movers can help. Our trained junk carpet removers safely move furniture out of the way and start to pull up and remove the carpet.

When everything is up, our friendly loaders remove carpet scraps, padding and other debris. We sweep the area when we finish, so it is tidy and neat. Whether the carpet is being replaced because it is worn out, or you are removing it to put in tile or hardwood, you may wonder what to do with the old carpet remnants.

Houston Junk Movers takes all types of carpeting and large area rugs. After removing the carpet, we evaluate its condition to determine if we should dispose of it or recycle it. We always choose, the most eco-friendly method. Our goal is to recycle and donate as much as possible.

Construction Waste Removal and Disposal

Whether construction, remodeling, or demolition is being done, there is a costly and time-sensitive process to eliminate the debris left behind. Drywall, tiling, steel, wood, and concrete are difficult to haul away from a construction site.

Houston Junk Movers provides an environmentally-friendly, safe, and efficient construction waste disposal service. There is no worry about picking up or disposing of debris after completing a project. Whether there is a need for one or several pickups during the construction project, our hauling professionals make sure the construction debris is out of the way so that the project can progress.

We call before arriving.  Our professional team shows up at the site, provides a free estimate based on the amount of debris, and hauls away the rubble. In addition to removing debris, we offer cleanup of the site, includes sweeping and cleaning anything that remains, such as screws and nails.

Furniture Removal and Disposal

Getting rid of old furniture is not an easy process. The furniture is awkward, heavy, hard to maneuver, and almost impossible to do by yourself. Extra tools and hands are needed to move heavy pieces. Even those who can manage with a friend or family member still have to dump it or drop it off as a donation.

It is best to avoid throwing furniture near or in a dumpster. That may seem like an easy way to get rid of it, but many garbage services are not equipped to handle furniture removal. If they are, they may require the furniture to be broken down before they will remove it.

Luckily, there is an easier solution. Houston Junk Movers will take care of it for you. We grab the heavy items from your home, load them on our trucks, and see that they are recycled or donated whenever possible. Our team only touches items we carry away.

Hot Tubs

People who dreamed of owning a hot tub found it to be a nightmare when they needed to dispose of it. Hot tubs are wonderful for relaxing and soothing muscles after a challenging workout or a long day at work. Having to break it down and remove it on your own is not so relaxing.

The process of breaking it down is very labor-intensive. After finishing the task, you have to haul away the pieces. Will they fit in your truck or car? How do you dispose of them responsibly? Whether replacing an old hot tub or wanting to use the space for something different, disposal of an old tub is challenging.

The safest and most cost-efficient approach is to hire a professional junk hauling company. Houston Junk Movers can take away all the worry about breaking down and disposing of a hot tub. Depending on the tub, you can recycle much of the material.

Mattress Removal and Disposal

When you think of spending a third of your life in bed, upgrading to a new mattress makes a lot of sense. Insomnia and back pain can result from a worn-out or lousy mattress. When you buy a new mattress, how do you dispose of the old one?

Many end up in the attic or basement, taking up valuable space and collecting dust. Houston Junk Movers makes the process simple. Our experienced team has the workforce to haul away a mattress and bed frame without causing damage to the home as we leave.

We do the heavy lifting. You do not have to carry items to the curb and create an eyesore for the neighbors. You cannot dump used box springs and mattresses into landfills. We dispose of the bed or mattress at a recycling facility that causes no harm to the ecosystem. If you need a convenient and straightforward mattress removal service, contact Houston Junk Movers.

Refrigerator Removal and Disposal

You cannot throw out an old refrigerator with the rest of the trash when you need to get rid of it. Moving the heavy, awkward appliance requires two- or three-people’s combined strength to move it a few feet.

Even if it is possible to get it to the curb, most areas do not offer refrigerator pickup and recycling as part of the garbage disposal service. Instead of trying to dispose of a refrigerator on your own, let Houston Junk Movers take care of it. We haul working and non-working refrigerators. When the heavy lifting is done, we make sure the fridge is recycled, donated, or disposed of properly.

Most freezers and refrigerators contain chemical refrigerants, oils, electrical components, and foam insulation that need to be carefully removed. Proper disposal helps to prevent harmful chemicals from damaging the environment. After removing the contaminants, the refrigerator is broken down into parts for recycling.

Scrap Metals Removal and Disposal

Houston Junk Movers hauls away any scrap metal you so you do not have to. We haul items that range from television antennas to metal roofing. Our service removes potentially dangerous metal pieces from your home.

Jobs are neither too small or large for our professional. Our prices are based on the amount of metal to be hauled. We come to your home and provide an estimate before arriving to fulfill the request.

When we arrive, we sort, load, and haul all of the junk. Our team will dispose of it properly. Nearly all metal can be recycled or melted down to be used. We recycle

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Cast iron
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Tin
  • Lead
  • Zinc
  • Nickel

Aluminum is the most common type of scrap metal. Brass is found in plumbing fixtures and odds and ends. Old skillets that are rusting through are made of cast iron. Plumbing, old pipes, and electrical wiring contain copper. The most recycled material is steel. Food and drink cans, electronics, pots and pans are everyday items that have tin.

Lead can be recycled many times without losing any value or quality. It is found in household and car batteries. Zinc has anti-rusting abilities. When recycled, it is sometimes used to prevent steel from rusting. Used razors, broken kitchen utensils, old cell phones, and used belt buckles contain nickel.

 Television Removal and Disposal

When it comes to TVs, everyone wants the latest technology. Every time there is an upgrade, there is an old television that has to go. The options are

  • Donating it
  • Taking it to a recycling facility
  • Returning it to the manufacturer
  • Selling it
  • Giving it away
  • Hiring Houston Junk Movers to dispose of it

Getting rid of a television can be difficult, especially if it takes more than one person to carry it. For efficient old television removal, call Houston Junk Movers. We will come to your home, haul the old TV away, and dispose of it properly.

It will be recycled if possible. You can recycle many television components. We take it apart so that individual parts can be recycled. You save money and time. It is best not to throw old TVs in the trash. Many garbage pickup services do not pick up televisions. Most TVs contain harmful parts and chemicals that require safe disposal.

Household Trash

Do you have more trash than the trash can is able to hold? The household trash removal service by Houston Junk Movers helps eliminate debris, junk, and garbage from do-it-yourself projects and home cleanouts. Getting rid of waste and trash at home is not always as simple as taking it to the curb, especially if it will be another week before garbage day or the items are large.

Call our team for the solution to hauling household trash. We are an experienced team you can depend on. Houston Junk Movers provides environmentally-friendly, safe, and efficient residential trash removal. We specialize in large residential trash hauling. Our crew is timely, friendly and professional.

Garage Cleaning and Garage Cleanout

Less than 20% of renters and homeowners park cars in their garage. Most people use it as a storage unit. Let us clean up and organize your garage to make it a usable and inviting space. Trust our reliable team to get rid of unwanted items courteously and professionally.

Yard Waste Removal and Disposal Service

With all that homeowners have to take care of, it’s easy to let the yard becomes low on the priority list. Lawn care involves more than mowing the grass. Raking leaves or lawn trimmings is only a portion of the job. Yard waste includes more than leaves and trimmings. It can consist of items, such as branches, stumps, soil, sod, landscaping debris, fencing, and corrugated iron that require cleaning, hauling, and disposal.

The backyard and porch are ideal places to have barbecues, parties, and other outdoor get-togethers. In nice weather, you can host them outside instead of people romping in the house. Yard waste is not only an eyesore but can prevent having an outdoor party.

You do not have to get rid of it on your own. Outsource your yard waste to Houston Junk Movers. Our pros will get rid of the mess easily and quickly. We work with homeowners and HOA’s in the Houston area, many of whom have become repeat customers. It allows you to enjoy the season and the revigorated property.

Garbage & Refuse

If you have household garbage you need to get rid of, Houston Junk Movers is ready to take on the task. We provide practical and convenient services. Our dependable staff hauls away a variety of waste and refuse items.

If you miss the garbage truck or have too much trash to keep until the next trash day, there are options. You can take the garbage and refuse to a recycling center or local landfill. Taking garbage and refuse there means you have to sort it, load and unload it, and take time out of your day. Save all that stress by allowing Houston Junk Movers to do it for you. We pick up

  • Garbage
  • Household trash
  • Organic waste

Our team calls 15 to 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment to let you know we are on the way. We will take a look at the items to be removed and give an up-front price. After the items are removed, we will sweep the area and collect payment when the job is finished.

General Rubbish

Houston Junk Movers provides full-service, sustainable, and dependable removal and hauling service. We haul away old items of any kind. Houston Junk Movers will take nearly everything that will fit in our trucks.

Our dedicated crew provides transparent pricing, removes the rubbish, disposes of it, and tidies up when we are finished. We will recycle the trash whenever possible. It isn’t easy to provide an estimate over the phone. Our charges are based on volume. Prices depend on how much room the rubbish takes in the trucks. An in-person assessment is much easier to provide.

Our friendly truck team calls 15 to 30 minutes before they arrive. They look at the rubbish and give an up-front price. Only items to be removed are touched. We sweep the area when finished and collect payment when the job is complete.

Mirrors and Glass

There are many varieties of glass and many federal and local rules about what should be done with them. Not all glass is recyclable. Glass that can be recycled includes

  • Milk jug glass
  • Glass bottles
  • Glass jars

You cannot recycle

  • Automotive Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Crystal
  • Lightbulbs
  • Mirrors
  • Pyrex and Tupperware Glass
  • Window panes

Broken glass is not to be mixed with regular recycling. It is dangerous to those who collect and sort recyclables. Houston Junk Movers experts will remove broken glass quickly and safely.


Mirrors require special treatment. Taping duct tape across the back and front of the mirror reduces the amount of splintering if a mirror shatters. The more tape used, the better the protection is. Mirrors should be wrapped in an old blanket or bubble wrap. ‘Mirror’ of ‘Glass’ should be written with a marker on an attached piece of paper. If a mirror is in good condition, it may be donated or given away, or sold by the owner.

Exercise Equipment Removal and Disposal

Many people can relate to having the best intentions when they bought a treadmill but did not get around to using it. If you have exercise equipment that clutters your home, it is time to take back the space and get rid of the equipment.

You do not have to remove it on your own. Large exercise equipment is heavy and hard to move. Disposing of it is another matter. Houston Junk Movers is a full-service junk hauling company that will take care of everything. Exercise equipment includes

  • Barbells & Dumbbells
  • Elliptical Trainers
  • Free-Weights or Kettle Bells
  • Mats, Pads & Bags
  • Resistance Bands & Tubing
  • Ski or Rowing Machines
  • Stair-Steppers
  • Stationary Bicycles

We remove all workout and sporting gear that needs to be hauled away. Exercise equipment is recyclable. As an environmentally-friendly removal company, Houston Junk Movers donates or recycles exercise equipment when possible. We are the best option for affordable, efficient exercise equipment removal services.

Pool Tables

If you like to entertain, a pool table is a fantastic addition to a home. What happens when you no longer need it? Pool tables are big and bulky. They are almost impossible to move by yourself. A pool table cannot be left on the curb for the local garbage service to take away.

It needs to be taken apart. That is a time-consuming task that requires tools you may not have. They include tape, a moving blanket, several furniture dollies, a staple remover, socket and ratchet wrenches, and a drill with Phillips head and flathead bits.

When it is taken apart, there has to be a plan to dispose of it. Instead of taking care of it by yourself, let Houston Junk Movers make getting the pool table out of the way. Our friendly team will take it apart, move it to the truck, and ensure it is disposed of or recycled responsibly. We will remove

  • Full-sized or Kid Pool Tables
  • Pool or Billiard Tables
  • Slate, Metal, or Wooden Pool Tools
  • Snooker Tables

Piano Removal and Disposal

It is difficult for someone to get rid of a piano on their own. Pianos are bulky, difficult to load, and cannot be thrown away with your garbage. What can you do when you want to part ways with the piano? You call Houston Junk Movers for a convenient and quick way to handle the piano’s removal and disposal.

We take care to ensure the piano is correctly disposed of. Our team takes a look at the piano and lets you know the best disposal option. If you can fix a piano, it may be donated. The condition and size play a role in whether an organization will accept a donation.

Organizations include afterschool programs, nonprofit organizations, recreation centers, retirement homes, service clubs, schools, and social groups. Pianos are made of materials that will not break down in landfills. Materials such as cast iron, screws, steel wire, and wood can be recycled when the piano is broken down.

Box Spring Removal and Disposal

When a box spring outlives its usefulness, it serves a minimal purpose. Disposing of a box spring is hard to do on your own. It cannot be thrown into a dumpster or left on the curb with other trash. Houston Junk Movers will take care of the box spring removal for you and recycle it whenever possible.

We remove soft materials and foam and roll them into a bundle for disposal. Wooden structures are sawed apart. The metal is taken to a recycling center. There are also charitable organizations that accept gently used box springs and mattresses.

Our trained team knows how to fill or truck and handle items you want to be removed from your home. We have the equipment needed for the job. On the day of the removal, you receive a courtesy call to let you know we are on our way and when to expect us.

Freezer Removal

If you have a huge, old freezer in your garage or basement that you do not know how to get rid of, let Houston Junk Movers take care of it for you. We take care of anything from freezer demolition to simple freezer pickup.

Our team does all the lifting, loading, and disposing of the freezer. We are ready to remove any freezer. Our team arrives with our tools and truck and provides a free, no-obligation estimate. Pricing depends on the size of the freezer.

If a freezer is in a tough spot to remove, we demolish it. Demolition requires removing freon so that the freezer can be disposed of in an eco-friendly way. We will donate a freezer with second-use potential, or we will see that the parts are used for freezer recycling. Let us know if the freezer is in working order, and we will get it to the right place.


Houston Junk Movers offers low-price rug pickup and disposal services. If an area rug has seen its share of traffic and you want to upgrade your home style, we can help responsibly get rid of the old rugs.

Our service is fast, easy, and offers an upfront price guarantee. We haul all types of rugs that need to be removed. We move textures of rugs, including faux fur rugs, Moroccan rugs, Oriental rugs, and wool rugs. Our services include kitchen mats, large oversized rugs, pre-rolled carpeting, and show or tub mats.

We haul doormats, indoor/outdoor carpeting, and throw rugs. If this list omits a runner or throw rug we missed, include it in the items we will haul for you. We do have an additional fee for rugs that weigh more than 150 pounds. There are several options for getting rid of rugs. They can be trashed, recycled, or repurposed.

Trampolines Removal and Disposal

If you need of a reliable and affordable service to get rid of an old trampoline, let Houston Junk Movers offer our professional removal service that is done correctly. We will take it if it is unused, dirty, or old.

Our team removes mini trampolines and giant recreational trampolines. They can be exercise, skywalker, springless, or gymnastics trampolines. Old trampolines may serve a new purpose, such as a kids’ fort or elevated flower garden.

If they are too damaged for do-it-yourself projects or to be salvaged, we offer environmentally-friendly junk removal. We attempt to find a green option. Our team will disassemble the trampoline and move it quickly and cost-effectively.

Our price includes disassembly, removal, and disposal. If a broken or old trampoline takes up space, book our fast and easy disposal service. No matter the condition or shape, we will do all the work for you and take it away at your convenience.

Treadmill Removal

Let Houston Junk Movers provide affordable treadmill disposal without any struggle. If you need help removing or disposing of an old treadmill, we can be of service. We remove treadmills, ellipticals, and other exercise equipment.

The treadmills we remove include electric, manual, and motorized models. A treadmill is heavy, bulky, and hard to move and transport. Those characteristics make disposal difficult. Our removal services provide the most convenient, easy way to dispose of a treadmill of any size or shape.

If it does not fold, we will still take it. Depending on the weight and size, we may disassemble it before removing it. Our expert loaders will find a solution to safely remove it from your home. It is a stress-free solution from pickup to disposal. If a broken-down or unwanted treadmill takes up space but is too cumbersome for you to haul on your own, let Houston Junk Movers get rid of it for you.

Wood Deck Removal

Wondering how to get rid of a wood deck in your backyard? We offer wood deck demolition and removal. All you need to do is call us and we’ll take care of your wood patio removal. We will demolish, load, haul away, and dispose of your old wood patio deck. We can handle your deck removal no matter if it is big or small. We are also able to handle both one and two-story decks. Reach out to us today for a free estimate.

Above Ground Pool Removal

Above ground pool removal and disposal
We helped this homeowner get rid of their old above ground pool in Houston

Need to get rid of your above ground pool? We can remove, load, haul, and dispose of your old above ground pool in no time! Perhaps you want more space in your backyard or are considering putting in a new pool. No matter the reason, we are here to make your old above ground pool go away. Reach out today for a quote on removing your above ground pool.