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Shed Demo and Removal Service in Houston

In Texas, most homes don’t have basements. And without basements, it limits the available space inside your home for storage. A great alternative is an outdoor shed. People love sheds for the extra storage they provide, but they don’t last forever. Texas’s damp and humid climate can do a number on your shed, and soon, it’s time to replace it. At that time, turn to the team at Houston Junk Movers, located in Greater Houston, Texas, for prompt and efficient shed demo and removal services. Call our office to schedule an onsite estimate, or reach out to the team using this website.

Call Us 713-597-8508

How do you demolish a shed for removal?

Shed removal is not a simple process. It’s best to contract the services of a professional team like the experts at the Houston Junk Movers. Our shed demo process is as follows:

  1. Check the electricity to make sure the shed is completely disconnected from power.
  2. Remove the windows to eliminate the risks of flying glass.
  3. Remove the doors by taking out the hinge pins.
  4. Pull off the roof. First, the shingles are removed. Next, the roof beams come down.
  5. Using power tools, the walls of the shed come down.
  6. With a pry bar, the floorboards are ripped up one-by-one. If the shed was on a concrete foundation, a jackhammer might be needed for removal.

As you can see, this isn’t the type of project most people can tackle on their own. Even if you’ve started this as a DIY project and now realize you are in over your head, give Houston Junk Movers a call so the team can help you finish the job correctly.

What if my shed is still full of unwanted junk?

Do you have a heap of junk in your shed that you never use? Or maybe you don’t feel like pulling out all of the clutter from your shed before demolition. Whether you are planning to keep your shed and just want to get rid of your old belongings, or you want the whole thing to come down and what is stored inside hauled away with it, Houston Junk Movers can handle the job.

Will you take any of the junk out of my shed?

Yes! Boxes, tools, bikes, scraps; it doesn’t matter, we will take it. Don’t let all the junk piling up in your shed give you anxiety. Removing it is as easy as calling Houston Junk Movers. We offer reasonable rates and the region’s most friendly service.

Is a permit necessary to demolish and haul a shed?

In most cases, no. Permits are usually only necessary during the shed’s construction. That said, there are multiple municipalities in the Greater Houston area, and each has slightly different laws and regulations.

It’s best to check with your local government before shed demolition begins. If you need help or have questions, reach out to our team at Houston Junk Movers. Our friendly staff is more than happy to help you navigate the permit process.

Can you remove sheds of all sizes?

Houston Junk Movers can demolish and haul sheds of most sizes. During your free estimate, we’ll examine the shed and estimate the length of the demo project. There may be certain situations where we can’t remove a shed, but that is a rare occurrence.

What factors affect the cost of shed demolition and removal?

At Houston Junk Movers, our shed demo and removing prices are some of the best in the region. That said, there are a few factors that can impact the cost of removal. These include:


The location of your shed matters. If it is at the bottom of a slope or in an area with a lot of underbrush or trees, it makes the demolition and hauling process more difficult.


The condition of your shed can determine the length of the demolition process. Generally, the newer the shed, the more difficult it is to bring down. Alternatively, shed’s in poor-shape sometimes can come down with a few sledgehammer blows and a crowbar.


Is your shed built on the ground, or is it attached to a cement or another solid foundation? Sheds attached to sturdy foundations are harder to demolish, thus impacting the demo and hauling price.

Seeking shed demolition near me?

When you employ Houston Junk Movers, you are helping the local economy by working with a locally owned and operated business in Greater Houston. there are no hidden costs or annoying bait-and-switch sales tactics. When we arrive for the free estimate, the price we quote is the price you pay.

Looking for shed removal near me?

For all of your shed demolition and hauling needs, trust the team at Houston Junk Movers. We will leave your yard clean and tidy, with more space to enjoy or an empty area for a new shed! Our experts maintain the highest levels of professionalism and are quick and efficient. Contact our partners to schedule your free consultation and estimate or reach out to our team online.