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Commercial Junk Removal in Houston

Dumpster full of construction debris is full and ready for disposal.

All businesses generate junk. Being in business for a while often results in junk accumulation. It may be old equipment or office furniture that is no longer being used or large amounts of debris and trash that have to be removed.

If your business requires hauling things to a recycling center or local landfill on a regularly scheduled routine, you may not need the services of Houston Junk Movers. Likely, your employees do not do that kind of work.

It is best if arrangements are made to have the junk removed. Houston Junk Movers offers high-quality service with options that are affordable and tailored to your business needs. We are fully timely, efficient, and professional. You and our crew are protected when we provide junk removal services.

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What Is Meant by ‘Commercial’ Junk Removal?

You may have experienced putting an unwanted credenza or old office desk out for the regular waste disposal vendor only to find they would not take it. Some waste management companies arrange for a particular pickup that usually includes an additional fee. Most businesses have two options.

  • Do it yourself
  • Pay someone to do it

Do not be deceived into thinking that doing it yourself is going to save money. While you avoid paying someone extra, it is time-consuming. Time is money. Employees have to stage the junk and debris, load it into a suitable vehicle, and transport it to a disposal facility.

There, it has to be unloaded. If the truck is rented or borrowed, it has to be returned, and then the employees have to get back to the workplace. The cost is ‘double’ because employees are hauling and disposing of the junk instead of doing what they are generally paid to do. There is a loss of productivity during the time they are paid for doing the job.

Office Space Clean Outs in Houston

We can empty the furniture out of your office building

Office Furniture Removal

If you choose not to donate or sell old office furniture, removing it can be more than most people want or can do independently. A professional firm like Houston Junk Movers does all the heavy lifting and hauls furniture away.

Reliable and professional office furniture disposal is an option that makes a lot of sense. Houston Junk Movers picks up old office furniture in an environmentally-friendly, safe, and efficient manner. We make sure all items end up in the proper place. Pieces of furniture that are in good shape are donated to a charity. Others are taken to a recycling facility.

Office Chair Removal

Whether you are doing an office cleanout or upgrades, having unwanted swivel chairs no longer being used leaves you wondering about proper disposal. Houston Junk Movers can make getting rid of them simple.

We will do so swiftly, for an honest price, and in a responsible manner. Whether you have a single chair or a fleet of computer chairs, you can trust Houston Junk Movers with your office chair removal needs.

We haul ergonomic office chairs, executive chairs, or standard office chairs. Office chairs contain a lot of metal, which makes them easy to recycle. We specialize in finding the most appropriate method of disposal.

They include recycling and donating whenever possible. Office chairs that are in good condition can be donated to local charities. If you need office chairs being removed quickly, Houston Junk Movers is your best bet. We pick up used chairs and haul them away for a reasonable upfront price.

Desk Removal

If you require help finding the best disposal method for a desk, Houston Junk Movers can simplify things for you. We come to your office, carry away the old desk, and properly dispose of it, which may include donating or recycling it.

Our team consists of vetted professionals. They are background-checked, qualified, and experienced. Because of their weight, desks can be hard to move, load, and haul. It usually requires some disassembly before removing it. As a convenient add-on service, we offer disassembly to make office desk removal easier.

We will provide an upfront price when scheduling the service. If you have an old desk that needs to be disposed of, Houston Junk Movers can help. We responsibly take care of removal needs. Our team is a group of pros in office disposal and recycling. No matter what style the desk is, we will take it.

are a valuable source of aluminum, cadmium, copper, gold, iron, lead, palladium, plastic, silicon, and tin.

File Cabinet Removal

Whether you have one old filing cabinet or a ton of them, Houston Junk Movers can get rid of them for you. We are your number one option. Filing cabinets seem to have become outdated with the onslaught of computers.

Do not let filing cabinets sit around and take up valuable office space. If you use a computer for the purpose a filing cabinet once served, it is time to part with it and move on. There is no need for it to take up unnecessary space any longer.

When you call Houston Junk Movers, you can feel assured and confident the filing cabinet removal is done responsibly and respectfully. If it is in good shape, it is donated. ‘Junk’ filing cabinets are recycled. Hiring us is a breeze. When you make an appointment with us, our professionals come to your office and take care of everything. We do the heavy lifting and loading. You do not lift a finger.


Instead of organizing junk drawers, get rid of them completely. Everyone has a dreaded junk drawer. It serves little or no purpose. The drawer becomes a dumping ground for things. It is the last place someone will organize.

When you get rid of it, the drawer has to be replaced with something that is more functional. The goal is to have an organized area to work, where you can find everything without sorting through a chaotic mess.


You have selected to the right company if you have an old sofa you need to remove. It is not particularly easy to get rid of an old couch if you want to donate it to someone who will pick it up or recycle it. Houston Junk Movers will take unwanted couches and dispose of them in the most environmentally-friendly option.

Couches can be recycled after being broken into pieces. They often contain a foam core, cotton fabric, wood, and metal springs that recycling centers accept. We make getting rid of used couches easy by handling the heavy lifting and hauling them away.

Houston Junk Movers provides responsible, low-cost, and reliable couch removal services. We pick up and remove couches of any kind, including heavy sectionals, chaise loungers, and old bean bags. Do not impose on a friend or ask employees to help with the cumbersome task. Call our professionals to haul it away for you.


Mattresses are difficult to dispose of because most municipalities do not allow curbside pickup. The environmentally-friendly, hassle-free solution is calling Houston Junk Movers for old mattress pickup.

We believe in being respectful of your business and time. Commercial mattress removal includes but is not limited to

  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals

Most mattresses consist of recyclable parts, such as wood, foam, cotton, and steel. If a mattress is in reasonable condition, it is taken to a recycling facility rather than a landfill. Houston Junk Movers strives to maintain eco-friendly, responsible disposal whenever possible.

We follow the principles of community service, dedication, and hard work. Our team believes in trust, integrity, and respect. Upfront pricing is based on volume and weight that includes labor, transport, recycling, or disposal. We arrive when you expect us. Please give advance notice if mattresses are infested with bed bugs.

Computer Removal

Computers serve an essential function of modern life. As technology advances, consumers replace tablets, computers, and laptops more often. How is computer disposal handled when it is time for an upgrade? Tablets and laptops are made of chemicals, glass, plastic, and electrical components that harm the environment if not thrown away properly.

Many waste management companies will not accept computers with regular trash collection. If you need disposing of old tablets and computers, Houston Junk Movers can help. Regardless if it is a small item or a load of office equipment, we can handle it.

We do the loading, recycling, and donating. The EPA has specific guidelines for computer disposal. They should be donated or reused first, then recycled and disposed of as a last resort. Recycling involves breaking down and using electrical components, plastics, and metal to create new products. Computers

Printer Removal and Disposal

Printers today do more than print. They also scan and copy. The price of printers is also more affordable than they use to be. There are times when a new printer is cheaper than replacing the ink. People upgrade printers more often than they did in the past.

If you have a printer that needs an upgrade or is broken and wondering where to put it, let Houston Junk Movers help. We will either recycle it or give it to someone who could use it. Printer recycling involves

  • 3d Printers and print medium
  • All-in-one printers
  • Commercial printers
  • Dot-matrix printers
  • Plastic parts
  • Scanners and copies
  • Toner

Our crew are vetted professionals. We will disassemble the printer as an add-on service to make large printer removal easier. Our team provides an upfront price when you schedule the service. When hauling a free-standing printer on your own is not an option, hire Houston Junk Movers to do it for you.

Copy Machine Removal and Disposal

Businesses upgrade electronics to new models often. Old gadgets that are not being used end up collecting dust in an office or storage closet. How many copy machines do you have, out of sight, or not used for more than a year?

When disposing of electronic waste, special consideration is required. It is a more complicated than throwing old copy machines in a dumpster. Dumpster disposal is probably illegal, and the waste management vendor may refuse to take it.

When copiers have to be replaced, they take up space. You can reclaim the area with the help of Houston Junk Movers. Our team takes the heaviest copiers. We take them to be recycled by electronics specialists for proper disposal. Speak with a friendly team member. We take the information and set up your appointment. Our team will call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive to let you know we are on our way.

Cubicle Removal and Disposal

The cost of getting rid of unwanted or unused cubicles that take up space in your commercial property or office can be outrageous without the help of Houston Junk Movers. We responsibly dispose of partition panels or cubicles to keep the workday productive.

There is not a maximum limit to our cubicle hauling service. We help keep work hours valuable by conveniently hauling office junk that fits your schedule. Cubicles that we remove include

  • Accordion dividers
  • Call Center cubicles
  • Group workstations
  • Modular cubicles
  • Panel room dividers
  • Partitions
  • Team desking
  • Zip-up panels

You can take most cubicles to recycling centers for proper disposal. At Houston Junk Movers, we help find environmentally-friendly methods for all unwanted office junk. We offer a disassembly service.

Our team can handle everything from an entire call center cubicle removal to a few workstations. We provide upfront, guaranteed price. Prices are based on the disassembly required and the number of cubicles.

ATM Removal

If you have a broken or obsolete ATM, you know getting rid of it will not be easy. The high-tech machines have internal parts that are potentially harmful to the environment if they end up in a landfill, and there is a security risk if not disposed of properly.

There is a problem with the size of ATMs. They are heavy and oversized, which means movers are needed to get them out of an office or store. At Houston Junk Movers, our crew is trained to handle a sensitive ATM job with keen eyes to attention.

You can feel confident about our team sanitizing the machine. It includes removing memory boards and keypads and encrypting pin pads. We recycle as many pieces of the device as possible. Our crew handles all the lifting and loading. Sooner or later, ATMs have to be replaced. Dispose of them efficiently and safely by calling Houston Junk Movers.

Construction Site Clean-up

Even construction pros find getting rid of debris after a job is complete can be difficult. Whether doing construction, remodeling, or demolition, the process of getting rid of waste is time-sensitive and costly. Drywall, tiling, steel, wood, and concrete can be extremely difficult to haul away from a construction site.

Houston Junk Movers provides an environmentally-friendly, safe, and efficient construction waste disposal service. There is no worry about the debris’ pickup and disposal after the completion of a project.

Whether you need a one-time pickup when the job is complete or several pickups during the project, our professionals make sure construction debris is out of the way. Our timely and professional team shows up at the site.

They call about 15 minutes before arriving. The crew gives a free estimate based on the room the debris takes up in our trucks. Types of construction debris we haul include

  • Canvas
  • Corrugated iron
  • Drywall
  • Floorboards
  • Flooring
  • Frames
  • Plasterboard
  • Sheetrock
  • Shingles
  • Tiling
  • Walls
  • Windows

Our Houston Junk Movers employees are trained and licensed to remove non-toxic items. If you are looking for a solution to what can be done with the construction debris from a renovation project, we can get rid of it for you.

You do not have to worry about a dumpster rental. We offer a clean-up of the site, including cleaning up and sweeping anything that remains, such as screws and nails. Houston Junk Movers serves remodeling contractors and home builders in the Houston area.

Whether you are doing a large subdivision or a small remodel, we are the company to call. We provide top-notch service at reasonable prices. Our team has the resources to handle construction site clean-up and hauling. We have the heavy-duty equipment, workforce, and experience to serve nearly any commercial need. Let us demonstrate our professionalism and impeccable reputation.

Removing Commercial Equipment

Smart business owners and property managers know they have to weigh every expenditure decision. Removing old equipment is no exception. Hauling unwanted junk and equipment involves some expenditure. It is often more cost-effective to outsource the work to a professional hauling services company like Houston Junk Movers.

The nature of business junk makes removal and hauling problematic for a small business. Much of the trash is typically heavy, unwieldy, and large. The best approach is outsourcing to Houston Junk Movers. The benefits of professional junk removal far outweigh the possible benefits of doing it on your own.

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