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Hoarder Cleanup Services in Houston

Hoarder Cleanup of home in Houston
Hoarder home in Houston was completely full of junk

You’ve probably seen the reality television shows detailing hoarders trapped inside messy homes. In some cases, the junk almost reaches the ceiling! While this is a reality, not every hoarder situation is that drastic. Many times it is just a single room or a couple of rooms that have collected so much junk that it makes maneuvering almost impossible.

If your home or a home of a loved one has become a haven of hoarding, you are probably wondering where you can turn for help and a clean start. Look no further than the team at Houston Junk Movers in Houston, Texas. We haul the junk from hoarders’ homes so you can start fresh. Call the office or reach out online for your free consultation.

Call Us 713-597-8508

What is hoarding?

Hoarding is a disorder where people compulsively save items that others believe to be worthless. People with hoarding tendencies have trouble letting these items go. Often it affects the hoarder’s life and the lives of their family and friends. Hoarding disorder occurs in about 5% of the population.

Are your hoarding cleanup services compassionate?

At Houston Junk Movers, we understand that the situation can be an emotional time for both the hoarder and their family and friends. We know that the person might be reluctant to let our team haul away their possessions.

We also realize that the client might be embarrassed by the state of their home. Our team participates in inclusiveness and compassion training. As a result, you’ll never feel judged by the Houston Junk Movers team. In fact, we take pride in making your home a clean space so you can take back your life.

Houston Junk Movers offers discreet cleanup and removal plans so nosey neighbors won’t know. That is why we also make our services as quick and efficient as possible. If you prefer not to be at your home while we remove the belongings, we gladly consult with a family member.

What types of items do you remove during hoarder cleanup services?

Practically anything! The team at Houston Junk Movers is judgment-free. Don’t wait to call us because of embarrassment. We want to help you take your life back. We often remove:

  • Boxes
  • Old newspapers
  • Trinkets
  • Paper supplies
  • Trash
  • Animal droppings
  • Cluttered conditions

That is only a small sample of our offerings. Since each instance of hoarding is different, we will discuss everything in detail during the free consultation and estimate.

How do you dispose of the materials hauled from the home of a hoarder?

No matter how trivial a hoarder’s possessions seem to the outside world, we realize that they are extremely important to them. That is why the team at Houston Junk Movers makes every effort to donate what we can to people who could use certain items.

Furthermore, we recycle as much as possible and responsibly dispose of any hazardous materials. We take pride in our role in taking care of the earth and do whatever we can to promote eco-friendly practices.

Is there a difference between hoarding and collecting?

There is a difference between hoarding and collecting. Collectors search for specific items and limit their collection to those. Hoarders will hold on to almost anything.

From an outside perspective, what hoarders collect seems to be random. Hoarders don’t store items the same way as collectors. Collectors keep their items in such a way as to show them off. They are proud of what they collect. Alternatively, hoarders are often ashamed of what they have allowed their homes to become and might try to cut themselves off from friends and family.

How do I prepare for hoarder cleanout services?

Preparing for a hoarder cleanout service can sometimes be a challenge. Not only does the client feel an emotional attachment to the excessive belongings throughout the house, many times important documents are missing.

Before the cleanout services begin, have a family member help you try to locate these items:

  • Important financial information
  • Investment certificates
  • Property deeds
  • Insurance policies
  • Tax information
  • Money stored in the home
  • Keys
  • Identification and social security cards

That is not always an easy task. If you can’t find everything, don’t panic. The team at Houston Junk Movers is extremely careful when cleaning a home of a hoarder. If they spot anything that looks important, they will check with the client before discarding it.

If you are looking for compassionate hoarder cleanout services from a compassionate team, look no further than Houston Junk Movers. Our team is sensitive to your needs and discreet with our hauling practices. To set up your free consultation and estimate, contact us and speak with a friendly staff member or simply complete our online form today.