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Eviction Clean Out Service in Houston

Eviction Clean Out ServicesFilling your properties with happy renters is an excellent income builder. For the most part, it’s a pretty straightforward process: the tenant pays rent, and you upkeep the property. Unfortunately, there are situations where the tenant is delinquent with payments for so long that an eviction is necessary. If you need assistance with an eviction cleanout, Houston Junk Movers offers eviction cleanout services. Call the office for your free estimate today or reach out to the team online today.


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Why would I need eviction cleanout services?

Being a landlord can be rewarding. And it’s more than just the financial aspects of collecting rent. As a landlord, you can take pride in providing houses to families, singles, senior citizens, and the many members of your community.

You have always kept your properties up-to-date and respond to service calls promptly. So when you have a tenant who has stopped paying rent, it can be disheartening. And when it’s time to begin the eviction process, it is downright stressful.

Unfortunately, evicted tenants have no incentive to make the property nice or to clean up before leaving. In fact, many evicted tenants leave the rental property trashed and strewn with messes. On your own, this type of cleanout could take days. And as a property manager, who has that type of time?

When a property is unrented, you are losing money. And the longer it remains unrented, the more money you lose. Therefore, speedy eviction cleanout and junk hauling are essential to getting your property ready to view by potential renters.

So in situations where a big mess was left after an eviction, turn to the team at Houston Junk Movers. Our team will have your rental property free from trash and mess in no time.

What are the most common reasons for evictions?

There are several reasons why an eviction might be necessary, but here are a few of the most common:

  • Not paying rent or consistently late with payments
  • Disruptive (i.e. parties, fighting, loud, drugs, criminal activity)
  • Damaging the property
  • Breaking terms of the lease
  • People residing who are not on the lease

No matter the situation, eviction is always a legal process.

What is the eviction process?

The eviction process involves multiple steps, including:

  1. Written warning: The landlord must document the transgressions of the tenant in writing and provide a timeline to evacuate the property.
  2. File suit in court: If the tenant doesn’t leave the property, the landlord must file a suit with the local court.
  3. Summons is delivered: The sheriff delivers the legal papers to the resident. The tenant has 21 days to vacate the property.
  4. Forced removal: If the tenant doesn’t comply, the sheriff will remove the resident forcefully.

As a landlord, the last thing you want to think about after the lengthy eviction process is cleaning up the mess left behind by the tenants. It’s not uncommon for evicted residents to leave many of their belongings behind or destroy property, so you’ll have to clean it up.

If you are in this situation, reach out to the team at Houston Junk Movers. We are the region’s leaders in eviction cleanout services.

What are the items most often left behind by evicted tenants?

At Houston Junk Movers, our team has seen it all. Nothing regarding eviction cleanup surprises us. But here is a shortlist of the most common items left behind by evicted tenants.

  • Televisions
  • Clothing
  • Beds
  • Dressers
  • Sofas
  • Garbage and trash
  • Boxes
  • Tools
  • Machinery

When it comes to eviction cleanout services, we can handle any messy situation.

Are your eviction cleanout services only for residential properties?

Our eviction cleanout services are an excellent resource for any rental property. That also includes commercial rentals, condos, timeshares, industrial properties, and warehouses. We offer both commercial and residential junk removal services in Houston!

Failure of payment or breaches of lease agreements happen in all sectors, therefore our team at Houston Junk Movers is ready to cleanout properties of all types.

No need for multiple companies

Some junk hauling companies will only handle portions of eviction cleanouts. Some will only take the furniture while others might only deal with appliances. With Houston Junk Movers, our team takes on the entire eviction cleanout job from beginning to end.

No need to contract with multiple companies or deal with varying levels of service. With Houston Junk Movers, you can expect the best.

Needing Eviction Clean Out Services Near Me?

Whether you are a property manager, realtor in Houston, or owner, Houston Junk Movers can assist you with timely eviction cleanout services. Once you contact our team, we can have a representative to your property for a free consultation and estimate promptly. Contact our team and speak with a friendly partner or simply complete our form online today.