About Our Junk Removal Service

Junk hauling and removal services are more than simply taking a mess of boxes from storage units and throwing them in the trash. While Houston Junk Movers certainly completes those types of jobs, the team offers so much more in terms of services. Houston Junk Movers is the experts in:
Shed demolition and removal
Do you have unwanted sheds or small structures on your property? Our team can break them down and haul the mess away like it was never even there.
Eviction cleanout services
As a landlord, there are times when you get stuck with the mess. If you need eviction cleanout services, turn to our team for help.
Spa removal services
Spas are a lot of fun, but they also require much more maintenance than people realize. If you are through with all of your hot tub troubles, call Houston Junk Movers to have it removed.
Home and estate cleanout
Lots of people retire to the Greater Houston area. But when they no longer need their house, what should you do with all of the belongings left inside? Our team specializes in home and estate cleanout.
Garage cleanout services
Sometimes garages are convenient storage areas. But what happens when it becomes so cluttered with junk that you can’t park your car? If your garage has become a cluttered mess, call Houston Junk Movers to haul it away.
Assistance with junk removal due to hoarding
There is a fine line between collecting and hoarding. If your collections have taken over your life and you are looking to start fresh with a clean and organized house, call Houston Junk Movers to remove your hoards.
Storage unit cleanout
Often, people realize that they can live without the clutter they’ve collected in their storage units. If this sounds like you, call our team to haul away the junk in your storage units.

Construction site junk removal
With all scraps that accrue on construction sites, you need an entire team to clear it away. Why not utilize our construction site junk removal experts to deal with the mess so your team can continue building.

If you have junk, we can haul it. Call our office today or reach out to us online.